Monday, 19 October 2009

The Blog Begins...

Having looked at my pal Rose's wonderful blog about her boat (the Wildrose), I have decided to create a blog of my own. Not really sure what I'm doing yet but hopefully I'll get to grips with it soon.

I graduated from library school in 2007 and now work in a secondary school. Based in one of the most financially deprived (and 'educationally underachieving') boroughs in the country, the school faces many uphill challenges. In September 2010 we are due to merge with another local secondary school. When I first accepted the job I didn't realise how diverse the role would be, and I hope this blog will help people realise how crucial school libraries are - for many reasons.

As Rose said - "forget about behind the bikeshed, behind the bookshelves is far better!"

See you all soon...! Cara x


  1. Hey this this cool - you don't have to register to post comments!I wonder if you can guess who I am.

    - My first is in Door but never in Hall.

    - My 2nd is in Up but never in Down.

    - My 3rd is in New but never in Old.

    - My 4th is in Kick but never in Throw.

    Who am I?????

  2. Hey, found your blog through the library routes wiki! I've just started out with blogging (and libraries too!) I'll bookmark you so keep up the blogging.

  3. Dear Graduate Librarian,
    Ta muchly for the support, it made me smile!