Friday, 15 January 2010

Most Popular Authors

Thought I'd tell you all what our most popular authors were last year.

1. Jacqueline Wilson
2. Darren Shan
3. Stephenie Meyer
4. Roald Dahl
5. Meg Cabot

This is Stephenie Meyer's first appearance in our top five, and it's interesting in the fact that it has pushed JK Rowling out. Is Harry out of vogue? Are vampires the 'in' thing? It would certainly seem so at the moment.

Personally, I am a huge HP fan and late last year I also became a huge Twilight fan. I become so engrossed in both series of books that it's difficult for me to say which I prefered. Having said that though, I do agree with Stephen King when he said he felt Rowling had the edge over Meyer in terms of writing technique.

Good to see Darren Shan in the top five again, despite the recent film release being panned. I enjoy his books and would hate to see him slip down.


  1. Cirque du Freak is out on DVD to download come the beginning of March. One for the library collection????? I could always see if it's available for download or is it naughty to say that on here?

  2. That's assuming your accepting gifts by then of course, which is anyones guess. Does a DVD count as a gift? P.S Did you ever find my tabs in your car?