Sunday, 17 April 2011

New-Look Blog!

I spent this afternoon helping a friend set up a new blog and guiding her through the 'dos and donts' got me thinking: how do people perceive my blog? What does its appearance say to viewers? Is it too cluttered? Unprofessional and too amateur? With too many additional gadgets?

Those amongst you with sharp eyes will have noticed the change in theme and layout here at BtB. I've decided to go for cool colours and clean lines. I've looked at the themes adopted by other blogs, in particular two renowned local bloggers Joeyanne and David Viner; the first opts for lilac flowers whilst the latter prefers blacks and greys. It's such a personal decision but hopefully, the choice of colours I've plunged for (notably the addition of pink) will reflect my character, but the theme is general enough to appeal to the majority. Have also removed several gadgets which made the page a little too busy. It is now uncluttered and easy to understand. So, welcome to the new-look blog. Whadya think?


  1. I like it! Nice and clean :) If I was to make one recommendation, it would be to move the blog sharing options widget to the top of the page (if you can). It's a little hidden at the moment.

    I use my flowers (and my penguin) to brand my Joeyanne Libraryanne stuff - I have them on my blog, Twitter, business cards, and I created a powerpoint template. Thankfully I still love them as much as I did when I first adopted the brand!

  2. Thanks Jo :) have moved it to the to a more prominent spot as you suggested. Have also tidied up the blog tags and removed links to non-library blogs. I put a link on my Facebook profile to the blog asking people to comment on the new theme and a few men said they don't like the pink. Oh well, I don't want to keep changing it but I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time.