Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Webinar Wonderings...

Ideally, BtB should reflect my library experiences whether good or bad. It’s very easy to write about how brilliant an event has been, but it’s slightly more awkward writing about things that went pear-shaped.

Today, I was hoping to attend a webinar relating to OpenAthens, which made use of GoToMeeting software. Everything was ready, there I was poised with my headphones, but the software refused to open. I called upon the IT technicians who spent 40 minutes trying to access it. Apparently there was a compatibility problem with servers and firewalls and account privileges and other jargon-words that go way over my head. The long and short of it was – it just couldn’t be opened.

My experience of webinars is limited, but I wonder if many other people have had frustrating / disappointing experiences with them? Previously, I’ve attended a two-day webinar event, which used Elluminate software. (I blogged about it here.) It went off without a hitch and I was left with a really positive experience. However, I see now that there are such a lot of variables involved and it leads me to wonder if webinar experiences are generally quite hit-and-miss…

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