Wednesday, 14 March 2012

MyPC User Group

In the library we make use of MyPC software, primarily for booking purposes. It allows greater utilisation during busy periods and ensures all learners can access an available computer when they need one. As systems librarian, this falls within my area of responsibilities, but as my knowledge of it is fairly limited I was pleased to learn about a MyPC user group meeting.

It was held at the City of Wolverhampton College last Friday and I found it very useful – am so glad I went along! It was facilitated by three staff members from ITS, the producers of MyPC, who were very keen to ascertain product feedback. I’ve only dealt with the company once before (over a licencing issue last summer) and felt it to be a faceless conglomerate. Having attended this session and met some of the team, I no longer think this; they were friendly and approachable and even held a prize draw, which was a nice surprise.

I learnt lots about the potential uses of the software and how different colleges utilise it in different ways. I came away having written a hefty action plan of things to explore; maintaining Heritage takes up a large chunk of my working week but after attending this session I realise I need to prioritise MyPC a little more. I’d like to familiarise myself with the reports functions and manual. I’d also like to look into the possibility of using MyPC to display computer availability on a large plasma screen. We already have one in a location which would be perfect for this purpose and is currently underused.

The hosting college have integrated MyPC with Heritage, and this is something I’ll be looking to tackle during the Easter half term break. I’m quite apprehensive about it and have been putting it off since October half term. I feel much more encouraged and confident having met someone who enthuses about it. It was great to make a connection with the librarian there (@AlisonPardoe) and we are in the process of arranging visits to each other’s colleges (I am interested in seeing the integrated systems in operation and she is interested in exploring our experiences of maintaining a library blog).

This was the first user group meeting in the Midlands since 2003 and I do so hope ITS continue to run sessions – I may even offer to host one if it'd encourage them! As a brief summary, I’d go so far to say this was an invaluable day - even the buffet was top notch!

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