Sunday, 3 June 2012


Just wanted to say sorry that I've not posted anything these past few weeks, and I'm afraid it'll probably be a few more weeks before I manage to whip up my next post.

Things are hectic at the moment and I feel snowed under a huge mountain of tasks, both in work and out of work. Ever feel as though you're running just to catch up? That's me right now. My time management skills have left and abandoned me! Have lots to blog about - study visit, evening course reflections, software integration project, one year anniversary in my job, starting up a book club, my CILIP WM role, Ofsted - the list goes on. So stick around, the posts will start arriving soon(ish), promise...
Photo taken by erix!
( I use this blog as a reflective diary and feel as though I've let myself down by breaking my third aim for 2012.)


  1. Unfortunately, your time management skills pale in comparison to those of microwaving a pepperoni pizza

  2. Does anyone actually comment on these posts other than me? Why do you bother doing it?

  3. Oh yeah where is my butterfly design too?