Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MCLIP revalidation

Last week I received an email telling me my chartership revalidation was successful. I originally chartered in 2010 and this was the first time I had revalidated. I attempted to do so back in 2012/13 but it didn’t get off the ground. Gathering evidence was time-consuming and knowing it was optional meant I didn’t prioritise it.

The new regulations are far more user-friendly and an online portfolio is much easier to maintain. I originally found CILIP’s VLE difficult to use but with perseverance I now have no trouble navigating it. Since submitting my revalidation I have continued to log CPD activities online in preparation for my next revalidation. I much prefer this new way, the process is less hassle and as a result I aim to revalidate annually.

As well as the increased logistical simplicity, I also appreciate receiving feedback from the assessor. They were positive about my book folding and reading of management journals, and recommended I widen my knowledge of non-academic libraries. The recommendation is particularly interesting as it had never occurred to me!

The evaluative statement is limited to 250 words and I found this the trickiest part of the whole process. Evaluating 12 months’ CPD in so few words is not a straight forward task! While compiling my statement it would have been useful to see a few examples. For that reason, I have included the text of my statement below. Probably not an excellent example, but if someone is struggling this may generate a few ideas.  

Completing the PKSB highlighted areas in which I am strong, in particular literacies and learning, plus collection management. These are competencies I utilise within my daily role, for example facilitating access to resources by customising the OPAC, or considering the relevance of the physical stock collection. It also highlighted generic leadership as a development need, which I addressed by undertaking a leadership and management course. I have since acknowledged my leadership capabilities which has proven beneficial considering my recently extended role. I have focused on presentation skills this year, having learned the different skills involved with presenting in person and online; whilst I have exploited several opportunities to hone my presentation skills, I have yet to fully refine my online presentation skills.

My role has a particular focus on utilising library systems to support teaching and learning, which allows me to facilitate technology enhanced learning throughout college. This is a key way the library can support college objectives. I established a usergroup for the library’s streaming service to ensure knowledge and good practice is shared between colleagues in different establishments.

I enjoy participating in the wider profession. I have contributed to various publications and have extended my professional reading to include management journals, which has vastly enhanced my knowledge. This year I attended a library conference for the first time and found this an amazing experience with many opportunities for professional development and personal growth; I am thus encouraged to submit a conference paper at a future event. 


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