Friday, 22 July 2016

Reval :)

At the end of June I had an email announcing my second cycle of chartership revalidation had been successful. I often think about revalidation and much prefer the current regulations to the previous regulations. I chartered under the old regs but never revalidated under them; I tried, but the demands just didn’t fit into my busy working life as a long distance commuter. I have since revalidated twice under the new regs which proves how much more convenient they are. This is my first revalidation whilst working in HE. I blogged about my first revalidation (2015) here and also my original chartership (2010) here.

I submitted my portfolio on 27th April and received the result exactly 2 months later. Although I was anxious to know whether my portfolio had been accepted, I found 8 weeks an acceptable wait. I’m happy revalidating every 12 months and feel a quick turnaround with the results is a key part of this.

I am always interested to read feedback from the assessors, and my previous revalidation feedback helped shape my activities during this cycle. I don’t wish to appear ungrateful, bit I confess I was initially disappointed with my most recent feedback as I felt it very generic.

Congratulations on your Revalidation. This was a comprehensive and interesting submission. The breadth of your professional experience came through clearly. Good luck with the conference workshop.

With the exception of the good luck wish, the feedback could have applied to any successful candidate. Although happy to pass, I felt a smidgen disappointed that no areas of improvement were highlighted. I find it interesting knowing what others perceive to be my weaknesses – people see things differently and they may pick up on something I hadn’t realised. Perhaps I am being overly harsh. The assessors have lots of portfolios to examine and it is impractical to compose lengthy feedback for all candidates.

Successful revalidations are included in the professional register which is due to be published online. I support this idea as I feel it adds an element of professional pride. Personally, I would also appreciate a revalidation certificate or my own records. As far as I am aware, we do not receive these and I feel this is a shame. If CILIP is unable to generate these, perhaps it could be the responsibility of the regional networks. It’s only a teeny-tiny moan but overall, I am very much in favour of continually revalidating.

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  1. Interesting to hear it only took two months for your chartership result. I'm still waiting after nearly four months, if they ask me to make changes and resubmit after all this time then I'll be very miffed.