Tuesday, 9 March 2010

LSA / Teacher / Librarian

At the start of the week, An ICT teacher I work closely with asked if I would do a one-to-one session with a pupil in his class, regarding exam technique. The lad didn’t do anything in a recent exam and it transpired that he didn’t have the knowledge to do the first question; it didn’t occur to him to flick through the paper and choose which questions to tackle first. We booked a time and I didn’t really have much of a plan in my head as of what to do, but we played it by ear. I enjoy the learning support aspects of my role as I find such moments give me a short break from books! I felt it went well (to say I hadn’t put any real thought into it) and the pupil asked for a follow up session. I took that as confirmation that I’d been on the correct path and the pupil had found it useful and (reasonably) enjoyable. Success! At the end of the session, the MFL teacher (camped in the library at the time) told me he’d had half an ear on our session and thought it ‘very informative’. With these compliments flying round, my head was beginning to swell and I’m now toying with the idea holding formal exam technique sessions for pupils.

I’ve held lessons on library inductions for year 7 pupils and referencing skills for pupils of sixth form age, but the concept of exam technique lessons never really occurred to me before. (Which I can’t quite believe considering I am an exam invigilator and often answer questions on what pupils are ‘supposed’ to do in the exams.)

Last year I attended a day’s training on SEAL practice. This covers Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and the various barriers pupils are faced with. I learnt classroom management techniques for creating an atmosphere conducive to learning in an environment where content has to be differentiated. Library staff are often expected to teach lessons but people forget that we aren’t trained teachers; if any of you ‘out there’ has the opportunity to attend SEAL training, please take it up – I really do recommend it.

Incidentally, I have a college interview later this month for a course in post-16 teaching (PTLLS). All local residents qualify for one free course and this was the one that interested me the most. I’m really looking forward to learning the finer points of lesson planning. I quite fancy trying my hand at FE libraries one day (again), so you never know when such a course may come in handy!


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