Thursday, 12 August 2010

Library day in the Life (R5)

I've mentioned in earlier posts, I've been looking out to take part in the next round of 'A Day in the Life' wiki. If you haven't come across this yet, it's a fab wiki where library folk blog about their day at work on a given date. It's a great way of sharing good practice and having a nosey into the working lives of others.

The date of round 5 was set for 26th July 2010 but this was after the end of the term so we'd already broken up for the Summer holiday. I don't think it'd be of much value if I blogged about going in to work for 3 hours to put new stickers in books and then pottering about at home (which is what I did on that day). So... I'm going to have to wait for the next round again!

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  1. The latest 'Day in the Life' was a few weeks ago in January. Yet again I did not enter, but by choice this time. Having been recently made redundanct, I was far too upset and depressed to give it a go. My entries would have been very negative! However, I there's always the next round... (haven't I said that before?!)...