Monday, 23 August 2010

Online Book Clubs

I like the occasional dabble with online book clubs, mostly because my local library's bookclub meetings are held mid afternoon on weekdays - immediately ruling out membership to anyone with a full time job.

One site I've stuck with is Readit Swapit. My boyfriend read about it in the Daily Mail back in April and I've been an active member ever since!

It's basically one huge swap shop for books. You create an account and list all the books you've got which you no longer want. You browse other members' lists (or search the site for particular book titles) and when you've found something that takes your fancy, you initiate a swap. The other member chooses one of your books and hey-presto, you both pop your goodies in the post and await the fun!

There are loads of other features to the site which extend its value to the avid reader, and I really do recommend it. The site is free to use and the whole precedure is hassle free. I've just completed my 14th swap and have absolutely no complaints. Look it up, folks!

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