Monday, 7 March 2011

World Book Night (part 2)

Well, folks, World Book Night has come and gone. I would very much like to blog about how wonderful the experience was; however, here is the reality of it...

My original application was rejected but I was acceptyed as a Reserve Giver. I couldn't believe my luck. As a Reserve I wouldn't know which titles I'd distribute until I unpacked them, it's just whatever was leftover after all the original Givers had received their chosen titles. That's fine, I thought, just glad to be able to take part. I planned to distribute my books to staff in local schools.

Things seemed a little 'funny' right from the very start. Communication was patchy and I received only 4 emails in total - asking me to be a reserve, confirming a collection point 100 miles away, changing the collection point to a local library and then saying I should have received my books/numbers. However, my books AND numbers both failed to arrive.

I am so disappointed, I was thrilled to be taking part in it and feel very let down by WBN. Did they not research the undertaking beforehand? They knew exactly how many books were to go where, so I don't understand how so many complications could have arisen. It's just such a shame. I know it's a gigantic project and some people have said we shouldn't complain as it's free, but that isn't the point. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to people who failed to received WBN books! Hopefully I'll be able to take part next year and the teething problems which ruined it for so many people, will have been ironed out by then.

Despite this, I spent Sat night at my local library for a WBN event. It was great, 290 people turned up and I left with 3 free books! (Only 1 of which had a number with which to track its journey though...)

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