Wednesday, 3 August 2011

CPD23 Thing 9

Image taken by Marco Raaphorst
Thing 9: Evernote
From reading various CPD23blogs, I can see that many people have found Evernote to be a useful tool in keeping track of the information on websites and making notes regarding it. I've never heard of it before. I know that this may make me seem a bit ‘behind the times’, and maybe I’m missing the point entirely, but I just don’t see that I have a need for Evernote. When exactly do people use it? In which situations and for what reason? Would it be of greater use to someone who regularly performs research? A student, maybe?  I don’t know.

Can a fan of Evernote please tell me?!

(PS. Completely unrelated to cpd23, but this is my 65th blog post. Woo!!! Yay!!!)


  1. Evernote does solve a specific problem I had. I spend time in transit using my iphone. I write to-do lists on the iphone notes app (also to-read lists, to-eat lists, to-buy lists) but there is no easy way to sync these up and edit them on my desktop at home and at work. Installing Evernote on the iphone and computers has solved this problem. I tried another program called Remember the Milk in the past but wasn't happy with it.

    If only Evernote had cute yellow lined paper like the iphone notes!

    Don't expect any more from me on thing 9, but I'm pro-LinkedIn and Google Calendar at

  2. I also had this type of reaction to Evernote. I'm a bit hesitant to download more stuff onto my computer when it doesn't seem like something I would find especially useful -- I would prefer if I could try out a web-based interface to see if I like it before downloading!

  3. I am finding Evernote really useful.
    Examples of what I use it for: this summer our subject team is going to launch a blog. I have created a 'notebook' of examples of other university business blogs, I have cut and paste the front page into separate notes with the URL and added comments about what I like/dislike about them. Before Evernote I would usually have either saved links to them in Internet Explorer's Favourites or paste them into a Word doc. I have found it useful to have everything in the same place on the same page. So it's good for small projects.
    I also have a notebook containing my notes about 23 Things. For example, notes about what I have read in any suggested 'further reading' for any the Things and ideas for blog posts.
    I have downloaded Evernote on to my work PC, mobile and home PC so that I can add ideas as soon as I have them - this has saved a lot of post-it notes!

  4. Thanks for the info folks, interesting to read :)

  5. I hold a similar view. My thoughts on the purpose of Evernote within the academic world is that it can act as a quick and alternative way of compiling your bibliography as you conduct research. Instead of compiling your references and writing down the web address of every site you visit as you go along, you collate everything you find using Evernote.

    Within the personal domain it can act as an online scrapbook of sorts. I downloaded onto my PC yesterday as I found a great personal use for it - I'm getting married next year and I've discovered it's a really useful way of compiling web pages of things I like. I use the 'web clipper' and the first page I 'clipped' was for a pair of bridal shoes!

  6. Hi Cara
    I'm just catching up on lots of CPD23 posts and found yours with some interesting comments. I love Evernote but really for life outside of work - as Rachel said, it's great to clip webpages and is an archive, so the advantage over saving websites as favourites is that it captures the page forever - the website might well disappear. You can also add tags to it so you can find it later, again much easier than just saving it as a favourite or in Delicious etc.

    I find it's great for on the go notes - when I want to remember something I always use Evernote first as it's so easy. As for work purposes, I use Nirvana for task setting, which I find much better as you can set up email alerts etc. I have written about all these things on my blog if you're interested! (