Tuesday, 5 July 2011

CPD23 Thing 4 Part 1

Thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote

Phew! Is it just me, or does Thing 4 seem like a pretty B-I-G Thing?! By the looks of it, it'll take me longer than a week to get to grips with these, so I'm quite glad that Thing 5 is reflective practice.

Have never used RSS feeds but it's something that I've long been meaning to explore. Infact, I'm quite ashamed that I've not dabbled with them before.

Pushnote. No idea.

Twitter. I've had an account for a few years but rarely use it (ie never!). Like RSS feeds, Twitter is something I know I ought to be familiar with but I've lacked the inclinatin to learn the mechanics of yet another social site. Being on the list of Things will finally make me get around to Tweeting properly.

Thing 4 Part 2 to follow....


  1. I think thing 4 is big too - spent yesterday eve playing around with pushnote, and the afternoon trying to get some sense of order to my RSS feeds coming into my google reader. I feel like i'm starting to get it though!

  2. I also think it is too big. Each tool takes time to set up and become familiar with. Who has time to do all of that three times in one week?!