Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day in the Life (R7) part 3

Library entrance-come-storage area
Thursday 28 July

The day kicks off with checking my emails and a few minutes browsing a handful of library-related blogs. One of the assistants goes through the daily overdues procedure with me to make sure I’m fully up to speed with how to run them for both campus locations. It seems pretty straight forward, but will I remember???

Do some more work on the second draft of the annual report but I can’t really settle into it today. I’m expecting an important email and despite checking my account every two minutes, it doesn’t arrive. It’s also difficult to concentrate today – the place is like a building site. There are glaziers installing new windows throughout the building and there is constant stream of debris hitting our windows. I think the library's new windows are due to be fitted next week while I'm on annual leave. There is also carpet being laid next door and the library entrance now resembles an assault course with so much furniture stored in the gangway. There is even a new library enquiry desk in the middle of the study area waiting to be fitted. The place looks like a warehouse at the moment - I have to laugh!

In the afternoon I leave the Nuneaton campus and drive over to the Hinckley site. Have a pow-wow with a senior assistant about the new date labels and use of SMS-linked QR Codes. While we’re both there, the head librarian and I put our heads together to tidy up the classification of several areas of stock. We produce one number with 7 post-decimal point digits. We ditch it as it’s far too complicated, but the boss made me laugh when he described it as ‘hardcore classification’!


  1. I've enjoyed readig your posts on 'a day in the life'. I also work in FE and, although some things are different, I suppose we all do the same stuff such as overdues and classification (oh the joys of Dewey!). I found the mention of QR codes for renewals interesting. We get our date labels pre-printed but no reason why that couldn't change. Maybe an idea to take to the boss at some point. (Oh, looks like I've finally realised what professional networking is all about. It's about stealing ideas from everyone else. Hope you dont mind!)

  2. Do I mind? Not at all! I do enough stealing of ideas myself! If you want to ponder the idea of SMS-linked QR Codes for renewals/enquiries, I can always email you a copy of our new date label so you can see an example.

  3. That would be great. My e-mail address is Hope you enjoy your holidays next week. I too am on annual leave for the next two weeks, hooray. 4:15pm can't come quick enough!