Wednesday, 20 July 2011

CPD23 Thing 7

Thing 7: Professional Networks. Here are my thoughts…
I’ve been a member of Cilip since 2004, but it has been only recently that I’ve actually gone to any of their events. This year I went to the West Midlands branch Members’ Day (which I blogged about here and really enjoyed), and last year I went to the Librarians as Teachers day. I get very nervous going to such things, especially on my own when I don’t know anyone, which was the case on both of these occasions.

Image taken by Flattop
I’m a member of the Editorial Panel for Cilip’s Update with Gazette magazine, about half way through a three year term. It involves providing feedback via forums each time an issue is published. It also involves bi-annual meetings at Cilip HQ in London, but with the current restructuring going on, the future of these meetings is uncertain. I enjoy this and it has really increased my current awareness of issues reported in the magazine. It was also a massive boost to my CV when I was job hunting a few months ago.

In my previous life as a school librarian, I was part of several networks; the School Library Association, the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, the Library Campaign and the local School Library Service Network. I found the last one of these to be most useful in terms of networking, ideas and resources. It’s such a shame that a trend seems to be developing which sees councils closing down branches to save funds.

Shall I tell you a secret? Sometimes, in my wildest dreams, I fantasise about being on the committee for my local branch of Cilip. I don’t know what role I could do – I’m not very good at highlighting my individual skills – but quite fancy something to do with the newsletter or secretary or treasury posts. Back in the day during my undergrad degree I was secretary for the University History Society. Ahhh, memories…

In the cpd23 blog post for Thing 7 there were several networks mentioned that I’d never heard of. Will try to have a nose around and see what they’re like. There’s so many it’s hard to keep up with them all.


  1. Hi Cara

    You should definetly get involved with your local CILIP committee if you can, I am involved with mine and I really enjoy it, you get to meet loads of different people from different sectors and it really boosts your confidence.

  2. Hi,

    What's your local Committee? I'm a Liaison Officer for CoFHE LASEC and have really enjoyed being involved in it. The people are great, I've learned new skills and I really feel like I'm doing something besides my job.

  3. Hi Sarah. My local branch is the West Mids (it seems quite active) and my groups are CDG and CoFHE, though I've only recently changed to these so I'm not very familiar with them.

  4. Hi Cara, you should definitely think about joining us. You'd be most welcome on the committee. We are looking for people to help organise events, generate ideas, communicate with members, raise awareness, write blog posts, keep us in touch with what's happening in the region and more. Any support you can offer will be appreciated.
    There is a committee meeting in Birmingham in September - would you like to come along? Feel free to contact any of us - I'm @kwiddows on twitter, and I think you already know Jo @joeyanne - let us know what you think.

  5. Hi Cara - glad you enjoyed the Members' Day and it's great news that you're considering joining the committee - we would love to have you on board!

    We actually have a vacancy for secretary at the moment, I'll email you some details to see if it's the sort of thing you are interested in. If not, we always welcome general committee members (i.e. those without a certain position) who are willing to contribute where they can whether that is attending meetings, helping organise events or whatever else you would like to!

    You should have received a branch email on Wednesday which invited you to come along to our next committee meeting - you would be very welcome to come along and see what you think.

  6. Oooh, please do Jo! Do you have my email address stashed away somewhere?